A straw bale home has extraordinarily beautiful walls that measure 18" to 24" in depth, creating charm at every window and door.  Each window has the potential to be a window seat or spacious display area.  House designers often spend huge sums trying to imitate the look of the Santa Fe home or of the European cottage that is innate to straw bale.

Straw bale is an environmentally responsible way to build, typically using 1/3 of the lumber required for conventional construction.  The costs are no more than for conventional construction, containing similar features.  However, straw bale provides R-42 insulation value, providing an exceptionally quiet home.  Properly constructed straw bale pays added benefits in lower energy costs; homes using straw bales are cheaper to heat and cheaper to cool.  Rice straw is a renewable resource and a better solution than agricultural burning; it helps to save the forest while preserving air quality.  The choice of straw bale has an impact beyond the immediate.

Why straw bale?  Beauty, environmental responsibility, quiet and energy efficiency.